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Monday, 23 March 2015


There I was scavenging for number thirty-three, thinking, where could it be? I heard rumours about it, that it was nailed to the bridge, but no!  I decided to give up for the time being, but I was sure I'd find it later.

I soon found number two and I scurried off to look for number thirty three again. When I  found the area where I looked before, I scanned the map and to my horror I was in absolutely the wrong place! Even though I was sure I  was in the same place as before. I started slowly trudging up the breath-stealing hill towards the right location.  When I reached the top I started to pant wildly so I sat down for a rest. I felt an annoying tiny lump under me. I looked down and quickly scribble down the symbol and rush off to find number thirteen.

That taught me a lesson I thought - always hold the map the right way round!


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