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Sunday, 24 May 2015


Soggy snow

slithers up my arms,

freezing me

to the core.

Biting winds hit me

with their force,

screeching like a witch.

Dense air,


me, allies

to the cold.

But do I care?

Not at all.

Because I am whizzing

down the hill,

coming to a jump.

It's getting bigger,

bigger than I


Do I care?

Yes I do

more and more!


  1. Wow joe I never knew you skied! I love it how you built up tension and used tons of descriptive words I also like it how you described the biting wind. I remember going down a hill it was so fast I could hear a screech like the one you described.

  2. Ha ha! I love it! When you describe all the badness about cold biting winds and slushy snow... and do you care? No! It is very funny. I bet skiing is fun! But I know I would not want to. 'Biting winds freezing me to the core' is a wonderful part! It is really amazing.

  3. Aworsome joe I can just feal the breeze slowly going past me when I read that story. I hope you make it in you're career as a professional skier.i never tried skiing so now I realy want to.