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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Maori reflection

At the start of the year I was uni-structural because I didn't know anything about rituals.Then our class started looking at rituals like the cricket World Cup opening ceremony and then we started looking at more important things like a powhiri. We also visited a Marae. We thought about Maori culture and how to embrace it in school rituals like Monday meet up. We did this by singing Maori songs to welcome people into the hall. We also gave the gift of a flax flower with a card explaining why to the new children.

This learning was important because Maori is one of three languages spoken in New Zealand at it makes us proud to have Haka and mihi and karakia to show, and make people jealous from other countries, because we have the Maori culture. Now my learning relational because I can remember mihi, karakia and haka but I am not yet confident to share, so that is my goal for the future.

Here is a audio link to our performance and explanations.   

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