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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Science reflection

This term I learnt about water and what makes it healthy or unhealthy I also made a sign for  inquiry project to put up on bus stops that said throw your cigarettes in the bin,fish don’t smoke.

While learning our class tried to use values of a scientist by being curious,I did this by looking at different signs and sayings to make I also looked up how to make a stencil.

another quality I used was peer review by asking Mrs Bentall if there was any mistake or any improvement that could be made.

I now also know how to use evidence to show working I did this by showing people the blue fish,measuring turbidity with a turbidity tube and also counting the different types of insects.

second to last I  investigate where I asked for expert knowledge and found out the most polluting substance was cigarettes.

finally used decisions to decide what fish to use on the sign and also decide to use the ccc stencil not our one.

These all are actual scientist qualities.

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