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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


This term we focused on connecting with the community. So Waimairi school went to Victoria square to perform. My performance went well. I shouted to  make sure I was heard and joined in when Harry wanted me to. One of my highlights was hearing people saying stuff like "Oh you know that bird in the bathroom group performance, that was cool wasn't it".

I now feel confident on stage and even added a bit in to include the audience which was "don't you". The next time I do a performance I will make eye contact with my viewers so then they don't get distracted. This will make us feel proud knowing we are entertaining the audience.

My mana was built at our show when people encouraged me by clapping for us at the end. 
I also think that the crowd was showing  whānaungatanga by relating to other parents or just making stronger connections with old friends. 

After our full performance I thought about busking so I can make more people's days happier.

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  1. Great writing Joe I remember that day I could picture the images in my head