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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Has there been a time where you were ashamed of your actions? Like when you purposely ignored your mum saying that dinner’s ready, then you miss out?

Here I am to tell you about an event that changed the way I saw things.

It started on a perfectly normal school day, except for one thing. It was my party and I was so thrilled. But there was still 6 hours left until the life changing experience. The roll was getting called so I glanced at the clock, but the more I looked the more it didn't move.

After what seemed like days, school was over and all the students hurtled out the class into the fresh air surrounding beautiful Arrowtown. I then gathered up my friends and we clambered onto our bikes to rush out the school gates, eager to leave and eat lollies by the mouthful.

Then we started to bike to the skate park to try new things like the dreaded spine, a vertical half pipe joined in the middle which had a lot of rumors about people breaking arms, legs and shoulders have spread. When we get there we drank a hot chocolate in cup that heated up my hands and started to bike, warming up for the spine.

When we start to get excited Josh says “I'm ready!” so we all watch him pedal up the run up hill. We cheer, causing a massive row. He heads down the steep hill while we are observing his speed. He hits the ramp, flies, falls, and cries. We all gather round to see what happened. We all looked and thought he sprained his wrist. Until we are disturbed by two words:

"Cakes ready!" We all rush over like a tsunami abandoning Josh to let his mum pull him out of the bowl. I offered him some cake but he didn't want it .

The next day I learnt my lesson because Josh came back with a broken wrist which made me feel sorry for him because I knew me and my other friends had caused it by cheering him on, and I think that not all of the crying was caused by the broken arm. I think some was caused by me leaving him alone. It taught me to be careful and know the consequences. This also taught me to concentrate on more important things, like now sometimes I need to put myself in his shoes and think on he must of felt with all of us rushing off like that and leaving him with a broken wrist crying. Next time I will be more worried about my friends than my birthday and games.


  1. Very nice story joe I've felt Like that before to it feels terrible you know you've done something wrong and you can do nothing about it.

  2. Cool joe I've done stuff Like that before . I think the way you started it and ended it is awesome