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Monday, 12 October 2015


The sun shone down on me through a slit in the curtains. That's when I sat up and could hear snoring that sounded more like murmurs; it was coming from each bed. I stood up yawning and felt something soft beneath my feet. It was clothes. They were spread across the floor because most people's pajamas had been at the bottom of their bag so they had to rifle through their bag to get them. It was like a carpet, splattered with rainbows.  

I quickly got dressed into a bright orange football t-shirt and some white football shorts. I could now hear yawning and see people sitting up in bed, each with a completely different style of pajamas or onesie, like some animals or fantasy creatures, while others had motorbikes and cars - what a selection. I had been wearing a grey soccer onesie with footballs on and words saying goal, free kick and shoot.

I felt excitement wash over me, so I rushed outside and saw a low moist fog. There was a slight breeze that was just enough to make me put a jumper on. When I came out the flax was waving, looking like an invitation for the fantails to come and sit down on them and sing their song, which feels so calming like a song to put people to sleep. As I walked down the steps I thought, what a great place to camp.

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