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Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I have never found myself in more of an annoying situation than this. I was playing Wii happily, and then my little brother Jamie came in.
“Can I play?” my brother asked cheerfully.
“No, I've nearly completed the level!” I replied
“Save it then”
“If I have to “ I said, a bit annoyed.
I saved the level and added a new slot to restart the game, without restarting my awesome level.
“How do we complete this level?” my brother said moodily, without seeming at all interested.
“DESTROY!” I shout, so he would never complete the level, because actually you needed a box to get up to a higher platform.
“Ok!” he said enthusiastically.
We keep destroying everything in sight like the barrels, boxes, skeletons and of course my character too. Then I say cheekily  “I tricked you!”
“You you tricked me? How dare you! I will have revenge if it's the last thing I ever do ,” he roared.
“It’s sort of obvious Jamie, I'm your big brother who is apparently annoying,” I said sarcastically.
“I'm going to kill you Joe!”
“Gotta catch me first poo brain.”
I sprint off to hide, feeling proud I had destroyed him once again.


  1. Cool joe it reminds me of me and Theo on the Xbox they need to invent some sort of brother proof force field ! I think your opening is really hooking but I think you could Inprove On not repeating the words

  2. Good writing joe!!! It's like when I try to play on my PlayStation and my brother goes and gets the game out and runs away👌Perfect writing!