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Monday, 14 December 2015

Paintball island

Great snaking vines wrap around brown sturdy tree trunks, with the thick leaves providing  shade for the unknown that lurk in the jungle. They are ready to pounce, waiting for the unexpected to just stumble in.
It then starts with a bellow from the judge.
“Ready, steady, go!” Paintballs whizz past at an amazing speed that I never thought was possible. People rush around looking for a place to hide.
I will be needing to look out for trees in case I run into them. I knew it would set off paint mines which explode, sending a shower of colours all over, making people look like walking rainbows. The paint is acid, so it will burn through the tough, black, leather suits. My suit had been worn through history, like in 1820 it was worn in the famous Olympic Games by a man named Jolly Jeffrey who went on to win the games.
Boom! So close... I run, but trip and fall into a lake and then whoosh I end up in what looks like a candy land.

BOOM! Another booby-trap is set off and players fall down like birds without wings. Thick leaflets fall on players, follows them and then explode when it touches the players, almost like a TV game. 
I found a ghost mask so I put it on. Blue candy floss glides down with hardly any speed. I shoot down the enemies like a pro. Fake ladder rungs break down and fall into the candy lake.  The players think they're going to drown but they actually can breathe. 
Paintballs explode right on my helmet. I wipe it off and shoot random places. I couldn't see because of the paint on my helmet. I know there's more players to shoot in zero gravity, so decide to head over there.

Thud! A paintball explodes just inches from my face and another explodes next to my feet. Then (luckily) my common sense kicks in. I leap out of harm's way, using an incredible jump thanks to zero gravity (zero gravity is when there isn't any gravity, so there is nothing to hold you down).

I scan my surroundings. Rocket ships of all sizes fly past and random paintballs smash into walls and meteorites. Players cry out when they're hit.

I spot the enemy's main base: a giant meteorite. I also spot my players shooting a squadron of enemies. Sparks fly everywhere. It looked like there has been a rocket collision. I speed over to help my team mates. One of them is lying on the ground with a paint ball mark on his camo jacket. He slowly edges his way up. He has the best upgrade; it had radar, a red dot sight and paint grenades.

I decide to go check out a rocket ship. I grip the steering like a monkey holding onto a banana. I test out the paintball machine guns that let out a long stream of paintballs and they explode along the metal sides of other rockets. They cry out in shock as their planes come spiralling to the ground. 

Arrrgh! I'm hit! My plane lurches to the side and let's out black smoke as it begins to do a nose dive. I leap out of the plane and hit the ground with a mighty thud. 

Paintballs explode around me, too close for comfort. I think I should avoid planes from now on. I snap out of my daydream and realize paintballs are still exploding near me. I crawl under shelter and return fire. Splat, splat, splat! This guy is a very good aim. I decide this guy is too good so I leap away.

I decide I'm getting tired and start to walk towards the exit. Sunlight  blinds my eyes I decide I've probably had enough paintball for the day, so I slowly lumber to my motorcycle  and speed home so I could watch TV. Suddenly a thought pops into my mind: how about I go to paintball again tomorrow? 

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