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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The thing

The thing

I hear the invisible man making the floor creak, 
under the weight of centuries,
the rotten planks of wood degrading in the dust.

I feel gloomy darkness engulfing me in a big ,cold hug 
causing  me to shake and shiver,
sending little aftershocks around my body.

I see a swift movement in the cloudy black 
creeping up the stairs, stalking its prey,
scavenging for food.

Then it pounces at the light.
I hear a noise “mwahaha”. 
I see its eyes,nose and mouth,
in a washing machine, pixelating a face
not to be seen.

It’s pixel cat!

Is he evil?
Why is he in my house?
Should I call the police?

I am learning to change similes to metaphors a metaphor is a way to describe thing by saying thing that it's not but is close to. I am going well because I have included some metaphors and have tried to avoid similes.
My next steps are to use metaphors but add more describing words at the end so it gives more detail and more impact on the reader.

Art work by Yvonne Todd 


  1. I love this poem Joe. Your precision and creative use of words is impressive and has me drawn into your writing. I love it!

  2. I love this poem Joe I like the first sentence when you said the invisible man making the floor creek under the weight of centuries and then he pounces at the light mwahaha I see its nose and mouth in a washing machine pixelating a face not to be seen.

  3. Good work joe. I love how you imagined and created stuff on your poem because I have never thought of doing that before. It also had nice words. Well done.