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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Art learning

Here is a link for my soundscape


Frayed rope swings over the river - 
fireworks explode in slow motion,
Water makes white dashes where it meets the 
Splashing people gently,
a warning that it's cold

The smell of ginger beer
drifts up my nose
making me twitch and shuffle on the spot.

As I gulp the drink down it's
tangy and fizzy
bubbling all the way 
down my throat until
The drink is gone.

The wind softly blows,
blowing down
A brownish crinkled leaf.
They slowly create a carpet of nature
On the rocky path.

The echo of children laughing and shouting
makes me feel at home in Arrowtown 
That is my home. 

Music reflection 
This term I have been learning about the elements of music and how music in other countries has these elements as well. To show my learning, I used these elements to create a happy soundscape about my poem called ‘Arrowtown’. When creating my beat I used the wood block which sounds like a bongo and drumsticks together. Next I had to create a rhythm in which I used maracas and started quiet and then got louder and faded away. I also made some layers faster than others to make it not boring.
I think my soundscape was multistructural because I used a few layers and made a happy feeling. It went well when I worked by myself, but not so well when I was with my friends.

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