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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine this. You are at school and people around you point, whisper and snigger to their friends, making you ask yourself questions like is it what I’m wearing? Or my hairstyle? When lunchtime comes you go outside to see a cold, damp floor for you to sit on. When you sit down with a group of people, they slowly shuffle away and sit somewhere else, leaving you clutching your lunch box in sweaty hands. Alone.

NZ has a hidden problem. 10% of people feel they are treated unfairly. 55% of this ten percent feel discriminated by skin tone, race or nationality.

Prejudice is judging people before you know them. Being prejudged is not a nice feeling, yet you probably do it yourself, like when you're getting on the bus and chose not to next to someone because they have tattoos or are old. There are also other types of prejudice like people think John Cena is strong but he is not really as strong as we think WWE is just fake and he is the choreographed winner. If other countries have one terrorist group doesn't mean everybody in the country is bad too. the way to stop this is to put yourself in immigrants’ shoes and think of how it would feel if someone said that to us. You also get influenced by movies where the bad guys wear black so they won't be seen, but it makes a barrier between us and people with different coloured skin.

There are many ways to make immigrants feel welcome. If you see someone lonely go up say “hi” and smile. This makes their day much better. Doing this one little thing it makes them feel more valued as a person. This also makes you happier that you have made them more welcome. If you know that they are from a different country, say “welcome.” They will feel safe and speak with courage.

After you get to know them you can ask them around for a play at yours. If you let them choose what you are going to play they will feel more included and start to share other ideas. Also, when you walk through the supermarket and see someone from a different race and you are sure that they are new to nz, start a conversation about their culture.

Your kindness will soon start to make the community's kindness better, and you can also have special places for immigrants to get helped out or help them find a hotel to sleep in if they don’t have a home. You could even mention some things to check out like the Migrant Times or give them a map of the area.

It is important to make immigrants feel welcome because we are the future and we will change the world. We must stop hate and make more peace. To do this, use all of the steps above such as smiling  and talking with others. And remember to pause and think before you say something prejudice.

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