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Monday, 19 September 2016

Donald dump

Donald dump

I did my speech on Donald trump because I do not think people should vote for him. My goal was to convince the listeners that if they were Americans not to vote for him. During this speech I have learnt the power of three and the structure where there is a hook at the start with a rhetorical question at the start like do you realise how much power Donald trump will have if he becomes president?. And three anecdotes in the middle which are little stories  that back up your  argument. We also had to use good language so the audience thought we were confident with our topic. And beloved that what it was either wrong or right. All of this went well because many of my ideas connected to the main point. Another thing I did was use several languages devices to persuade and connect with the audience.
Last of all you have an overall statement that has solutions or ideas for the future.
Click on the link below to listen to my speech or read it below

Are you aware of what power Donald trump will have if he becomes president? 

He would be in charge of the biggest collection of nuclear bombs in the world. Or perhaps he would be able to build that wall of his. But worst of all he might start world war three . So here are some reasons for the Americans not to vote for Trump.

One: Donald trump thinks the Mexicans send all the bad people from their country into America so he wants to build a wall… But guess who's money he's using. The  Mexicans money. This is bad because the Mexicans might not pay and he can’t make them. So then he might  fire some nukes and then a world war 3 might start between the two countries. 

Secondly Trump thinks that global warming should be encouraged. His quote to back up his thought was he thinks that ‘New York is to too cold and snowy.’ If he did get his way there would be flooding that will submerge lower areas of land. This is probably one of his most stupid ideas because it is proven by scientists that if the global warming continues there will be less storms but when there are they would be more dangerous.

Last of all his hair. yes you heard, his hair. His hair is something that people have  asked numerous questions about, like is it a wig? How long does it take to style? and some people even get to pull his hair when he needs a volunteer to prove it’s real. but worst of all, people vote for him just because his hair is done in such a way that it looks fake. They also see and hear him on the media so they are familiar with trump and then vote for him. Unfortunately this because people are more likely to vote for names they know even when they are not the best person running for president.

So now I hope that I have proved to you that Americans should not vote for trump or else there  will be a dark future ahead. Trumps wall is a stupid idea people will just fly over it but seriously global warming is a good thing .not! Last but not least don’t vote for someone based on their hair. So go for Hillary instead. And by the way Trump's hair is real, but it just has a lot hair gel

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