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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

hide and seek

the teachers say,
We all rush off to try find a spot
The school is big
the spots are small.
I have no clue,
Where will I hide

Maybe right behind the door
or under heaps of dirt and weeds.
But wait I think I found the perfect place
Next to Darren's shed.

In the dirty rubbish bin
I will surely be quite safe.
But if someone kicks the bin
We will just not win

It is hot stuffy and smells of puke
My legs are stiff I cannot move.
Round the corner I start to hear,
the voice of a teacher coming near

Suddenly out of nowhere a bang,
the sound of someone kicking the bin
I’m really done for, the teachers are onto us.
All is lost,
They know my spot.

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